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Baby Bundle


A comprehensive baby tracker for first time parents

Having your first child comes with a lot of worries. Baby Bundle's goal was to help new parents feel in control in the most challenging period of their lives.


Through an iterative process, as a lead UX and visual designer, I helped the team build a universal iOS app that got featured as Editors' choice and Best new app in the US App Store.

  • Monitor development


    There's one thought that occupies every parent's mind especially in the first few months after their child is born: "Is everything going well with my baby?". Our team set out to create a tool that helps parents get a reassuring answer to that question so that they can concentrate less on the worries and more on the joys of parenthood.


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  • Parenting starter pack


    All the features in the app served one goal; to aid making sense of the baby's development. Working closely with a pediatrician we defined the fine details of baby monitoring which resulted in a reliable tool to use for keeping a medical record of the child. Emerging patterns in the recorded data helped parents establish sleeping and feeding schedules that contributed not just to healthier babies but to more rested parents as well.

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By interviewing and observing parents in their own homes we identified the need for a universal app that can be used on multiple devices to accommodate the irregular schedules of parents and be a truly supportive companion in any context, day and night.

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  • Intuitive controls


    Through an iterative process we perfected the UI to have simple and beautiful controls that could easily be used with limited spare attention or focus.


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Precious moments


The visual language of the app was designed to delight and to serve as a reminder to take not of the fleeting moments that make those first few months so special.


Role: Lead UX & Visual Designer

Agency: Hive